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Evelyn Your Celebrant


My name is Evelyn Fleck and I am an Independent Civil Celebrant operating, mostly in the East of Scotland and Scottish Borders. This means that I can prepare and deliver modern, personalised ceremonies that reflects your values and beliefs in order to mark significant moments in your lives.

What is an Independent Civil Celebrant?

A Celebrant helps people and communities create and perform inclusive ceremonies that celebrate significant life events and milestones. Helping you prepare ceremonies that truly reflects your values and the person or persons being celebrated.


As an Independent Civil Celebrant, I am trained and qualified to conduct a wide range of modern, personalised ceremonies with an emphasis on the life and the emotions of the participants.


I specialise in developing ceremonies that are unrestrained by normal rules and traditions … anything goes (as long as it’s legal). You have the freedom to choose the format, emphasise what’s important to you and you choose whether to include cultural, religious and traditional elements or not. I will work with yourself and your loved ones to ensure that the ceremony we are undertaking is right for you, personal and meaningful in every moment.  

About Me

I am a daughter, mother, grandparent and loving partner and have a full life's worth of experience as a nurse working all over Scotland for 37 years in the NHS. Before that I spent time working in an office, as a waitress and in a grocer’s shop. I've always worked with people and enjoy the personal connection.


More recently I've enjoyed volunteering with Independent Age UK (befriending), the local Development Trust One Dalkeith and the national organisation of Development Trusts Association Scotland.


My passions, interests and hobbies include: Reading, riding my (now electric) bicycle, walking, paddle boarding, travelling in our Motorhome and worldwide, music, musical theatre, cooking a big family feast and learning. Most of all I love spending time socialising with family and friends.


If you choose me to help prepare your Advanced Funeral Wishes document or to conduct the funeral/memorial for your loved one or other memorial or celebration I will take time to make proper connections with you and your family. Putting you and them first.


In carrying out the ceremony of your choice I will do it with creativity and sensitivity and will ensure that the celebration is what you want, have discussed and planned. I can practice within or without religious, ritualistic and traditional norms.


My aim is to create an honourable and everlasting memory for those of you who are still with us.


Working with me guarantees that you will have an appropriate, loving and enjoyable ceremony designed exactly as you wish.

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Doing it your way

We can have unlimited creativity and fun with anything you want. Be it saying goodbye to a pet, graduation, coming of age, special anniversaries. Bring friends and families together in your own unique way, remembering the good times you had or creating new memories with the ones you love.

“It’s not what you do, it’s who you do it with” (Ref: well-worn quote from a very dear and wise friend).

Get in touch and do it with me to make sure it’s special in every way.

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